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Nick is from a small Vermont town, raised surrounded by nature, boredom, and the arts.  He later went off to Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY - a more populated version of his native area - and worked his way through school surrounded by nature, food, and the arts. 


A few years later he went half-way around the globe and lived as a temporary expat in England while earning his masters degree.  Living with constant access to Shakespeare, good Indian food, and biting British wit, he was happy as a clam.


He has recently repatriated and moved to Manhattan, where he hit the ground booked and running.



Check out his news page to see what has been keeping him

booked solid since February!

Born and raised in Vermont,

trained and educated in New York, expatriated to England training some more, Nick approaches theatre with an open heart, a quick wit, and possibly a sword in hand.


small-town sensitivity with metropolitan sensibility.

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