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One of Nick's hobbies/outlets is making mashups.  Some years ago, he spent quite a bit of his spare time making covers of songs and mashing them up using just his ukulele and sounds from his mouth.  Then he added some technology for audio, and then some video tech.

Then he went to graduate school, and spare time ceased to exist.  Monday Mashups went on a hiatus.
One day he will mash again, but until then, they live on.
Here are just a few, and you can check out the rest on his

monday mashups.

Something Funny.

The Brady Bunch / What The Hell / I Write Sins Not Tragedies


Kids will be kids.

Something Visual.

Friday / Manic Monday / Happy Days / Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting


Near the end things got a little visual.

Something Proud.

Born This Way / I Am What I Am / Love Takes Over


Featured as a "letter of the week" on Dan Savage's blog, it's a proud statement of self.

Disclaimer: Nick does not own the rights to these songs, and they were used for personal use and not for monetization of any kind.

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